“Having the good fortune to be white, educated and
middle class afforded me the good fortune of an interesting career. Even at fifteen, I knew I wanted a job where each day would be different. I wanted to learn about the world.”

Vanessa photo stripVanessa Gorman is a filmmaker and writer.

Across a twenty year period she has worked as an overseas producer on the science and technology series BEYOND 2000 and on various programs as a producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Her credits include the arts program REVIEW, the social issues series LIVING IN THE NINETIES and the Information Technology series HOT CHIPS.

She also produced and directed two hour length documentaries UNDER SAIL and NEXT TO NOTHING.

In 1998 she began producing on ABC TV’S highly esteemed biographical documentary series AUSTRALIAN STORY. Highlights of that time include profiles of the legendary Rugby league coach Wayne Bennett, international tennis star Pat Rafter and Australian actor and comedian Gary McDonald .

In 2001 her documentary LOSING LAYLA screened on ABC TV. It was an intensely personal video diary about the death of her baby daughter and the journey of grief in the months following. It won the ATOM Award for best documentary 2001 and an Australian Film Institute (AFI) nomination.
It has now been shown on networks around the world.

Vanessa also writes and lectures on TV journalism and film making. As well as newspaper and journal articles, her publications include chapters in 'Always a Part of Me’ and ‘Australian Story - Behind the Scenes’ both for ABC Books.

Her first book LAYLA’S STORY, a memoir of sex, love, loss and longing was published by Penguin in 2005.

Vanessa lives on the North Coast of NSW with her two children.

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