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Layla… If I could sing you back into existence, I would. If I could speak words that would make you whole, somehow sculpt you back to life, I would. If I could turn back the clock to make you safe, I would give anything. If I could sell my soul to any devil for your life,
I would not hesitate.

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Layla's Story book coverLayla’s Story is a true story of sex, love, relationships and loss.

A thirtysomething woman struggles to fit all the pieces of her life together. She wants a baby, but she also wants her brilliant career. She wants the perfect man, the prince of her childhood dreams – but she’s madly in love with the one man who’s never going to fit that mould. And then, finally, she gets the one thing she wants more than anything else. She falls pregnant…

This is Vanessa Gorman’s extraordinary account of her life before and after losing her baby daughter, Layla, only hours after birth. It is also a love story about a passionate and complicated relationship.Sometimes confronting, but always excruciatingly honest, it is a fearless exploration of desire, expectation, all-encompassing grief and the journey back to hope.

Photo of Vanessa GormanTold with humour and great warmth, this memoir is an unforgettable portrait of one woman’s fight to find meaning and rebuild her life in the face of profound grief.

Layla’s Story is a book that will strike a chord with women of all ages. Vanessa Gorman lays bare her life and explores what it means to be a woman who wants a relationship, a fulfilling career and a child.

An inspiring and deeply moving story of courage and redemption.

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